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Ten things that are new
January 2015
Updated: 2015-01-22

• Empire Winter Games Selection -  NYSSRA process for qualification is in online NYSSRA manual. Coaches only confirm. Parents need to notify their coach of their intent. Please go to U18 NYSSRA website dropdowns for details.

NEW FOR 2014-2015: The Empire Winter Games will bring together the best athletes in New York State (U16 and older).  A highlight of the 2015 season will be the ECS Empire Winter Games at Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid, February 6-8. This prestigious event has been a staple in the NYSSRA schedule for many years.The quotas and qualification criteria will be as follows: 

1) Top 80 U18/21 Senior athletes from the ECS standings at the end of January - total of best two results in the standings, ties broken by best result, then next best result: 33 women and 47 men
 2) Top 60 U16 athletes from the U16 Cup Races in January and early February. Athletes ranked by best race, simple place points, ties broken by next best result:
       West- 14 girls & 18 boys
      East - 14 girls & 14 boys
3) Guests/Out of State quota: up to 20 athletes.  


(added Jan 6)  U18s Racing in U16 Cup Races - NYSSRA U18s are allowed to race in scored U16 cup races in 2015.  However, no U16 can be displaced from a race.  If a race becomes full, preference must go to the U16 athlete.  U18s will race under U16 rules, including the random seeding procedures established in the U16 section of the NYSSRA manual.  U18s will be awarded appropriately and taken out of results for qualification purposes.  NYS U16 State Championships are available ONLY to U16 athletes.

• Schedule Update for U18 Races at Bristol in Feb  -  Please check the U18 Schedule for details.

• NYSSRA Racer Support Policy for 2015

  1. An amount reserved for applicants for support for athletes (to be used primarily for National events, can be used for U18,16,14, request must be in writing to Racer Committee for determination)
  2. NYSSRA Team: Up to $300 for each team member, of which a max of $150 can be for out of state use.
  3. Top M/F entry paid for championship
U18 FIS Champs
U16 Eastern Champs
U14 Eastern Champs

In order to receive money the athlete/parent must submit a request to Program Director that includes name, address, races attended and receipt of race fees. This will be done on an annual basis and submitted prior to April 1st of current season.  Once received, it will be verified and submitted to Treasurer for payment directly to the athlete/parent.

• Empire State Games 2015 - This annual event Feb 6-8 for U16 and U18 by selection will be held at Whiteface. Check it out:   www.empirestatewintergames.com

• UVEX Helmets - If you have or are looking to purchase a UVEX helmet, please read this piece sent by Paul Van Slyke


From Patrick Riml - USSA Head Alpine Coach

Want to go to NYSSRA Home Page? Click on NYSSRA logo just above.

 2014-2015 NYSSRA Manual  Version #2 - go to About NYSSRA - Membership Manual dropdown

• From USSA - 

* Helpful Informational Pieces -

Please take a minute to orient yourself for the 2015 season. 

  • U10 - 2005 or later
  • U12 - 2003, 2004
  • U14 - 2001, 2002
  • U16 - 1999, 2000
  • U18 - 1997, 1998
  • U21 - 1994, 1995, 1996

USSA Membership Categories for '14-'15  

Competitor $150 - Required for all U16 (YOB 1998 and older) and above that wish to have USSA points.

Non-Scored Student $100 - Available for all U16 (YOB 1998 and older)and above that do not wish to have USSA points.

Youth Competitor $80 - For all U14 (YOB 2000 and younger) and below.  The Eastern region will not have any U14 scored events so there is no need for any U14 and below athletes to join with Competitor licenses.

USSA Club Participant $25 - For athletes training with a club program but not yet participating in USSA events. Also for club volunteers or parents who are active in support of club activities and events.

USSA Coach $135 (with background screening) ages 15 and older - Periodic background screening, education requirement.

USSA Official $60 - background screening for ages 15 and older.

USSA Club Volunteer $60 - background screening ages 15 and older

A USSA competitor membership and membership in one state racing organization are required for all levels of scored racing in the Eastern Region.

Participation in qualifying events leading to regional championships events requires a valid USSA “Competitor” or “Youth” membership depending upon the age group.

• For RA's - Race Fees for '15 Season - If you are holding a race during the '14-'15 season this information is for you. 

  • USSA Scored - $10/start/race
  • USSA East Scored  - $5/start/race
  • NYSSRA Unscored - $4/start/race
  • NYSSRA Scored - $4/start/race
  • Kandahars - $4/start/race

NYSSRA Boot Fitting Project from Hope Alive Media on Vimeo.
Please watch NYSSRA’s junior boot fitting video before you head to the ski shop for new or used junior ski racing boots!
FINALLY, learn about the best boot fitting process for your racer.