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D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP is a proud sponsor of NYSSRA. D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP  would like to wish the Adirondack Council best of luck this season, especially the Woods Valley Ski Team.

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Snow Ridge boasts the most and best snow East of the Mississippi. With 6 lifts and 22 trails, some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the Northeast is found at Snow Ridge. Give us a try - you’ll be glad you did. Snow Ridge is proud to once again be a sponsor of NYSSRA.


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Reliable Racing

Your One-Stop Shop for Ski Racing Equipment Event Supplies since 1969. Reliable Racing is the NYS Marriott J3 Championships Team Sponsor for 2012. The Jacobs family has supported NYS ski racing for many years. John Jacobs is a coach at West Mt. We are very lucky to have the Jacobs family so committed to our development level ski racing. Please support Reliable Racing. Their store and catalog showroom, Inside Edge Ski is only 5 minutes away from exit 19 of the Adirondack Northway (I-87).

North Coast Flight School, Inc.

Sponsoring the U18 Eastern Finals Team.

Big Dog Sportswear

Big Dog Sportswear is our 2014 sponsor for U12 and U14 Running With the Big Dogs Dual - to be held at Belleayre Mtn the day following Kandahar Championships, Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Twitchell Sportwear

FIS NJR Eastern Junior Championships Sponsor—Twitchell has sponsored NYS J1-2 Eastern Championship Teams since 2001. Paul and Ingrid Van Slyke, the owners of Twitchell, live in Lake Placid with their two children Maris and Andrew. They have both been involved with ski racing for many years. Paul is a certified coach, FIS TD and USSA Delegate to the FIS. We are very grateful for Twitchell’s commitment to NYSSRA. Twitchell Sportswear provides Team Products, Uniforms, Event and Logo Products, and hard goods for many different sports. Check out their site.

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Sponsoring U14 NYS Alpine team, U16 NYS Eastern Championship Team, and U16 Eastern Finals Team.


NYSSRA welcomes Nestlé as sponsor of the Kandahar Festivals at Whiteface, HoliMont and Greek Peak.

Mud, Sweat & Gears

A NYS J1-2 Winners Sponsor, Mud, Sweat & Gears is located in Ellicottville, NY. The store prides itself on being the go-to resource for many area race programs. They are widely known and respected for their dedication, service and continued support of ski racing in our state.

Dawson Family

Vicki Papadeas and Robert Dawson have generously supported the Sally Davis Award recipients by supplying J1-2 awards and hosting the reception at our New York State Championships. We are grateful for their support! Thank you Vicki and Robert.


For a hundred years, Rossignol has lived and breathed the Mountain, its reason for existence. An icon of the past and emblem of the present, the brand draws upon its roots and its heritage to build its future. Thanks to Steve Roche at Rossignol for supporting the NYS J4 Team to Marriott J4 Eastern Championships.

Harden Furniture

Known for their craftsmanship and quality, Harden Furniture is long recognized as one of America’s premier furniture manufacturers. We are proud to have Greg and Lori Harden sponsor the NYS Alpine Elite Team. Thank you Greg and Lori for the many years of generous support.

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April 2014
Updated: 2014-04-22

• Proposed By-Law Update - You can find this in News - Bullet #1 

• General Results from U14 Post-Season Events -Congratulations to all competitors who qualified and participated.

Piche Invitational:

U12 boys-7th Theodore Lenz-BM, U12 girls-10th Kira Howard-WI

U14 Eastern Championships:  

SL Boys-5th Billy Chabot-WI, Girls-4th Camryn Glick-WI, 6th Paige Petrell-TG  

GS Boys-3rd Max Carbaugh-HV, 5th Peter Chabot-WI

Skills Assessment - Boys-3rd Gage Thibodeau HO, 5th Andrew Mangen HO, 6th Alex Baase KB, 9th Bryce Shively KB Girls-  10th Madison McCarthy NSA 

U14 CanAm

Boy's SL-11th Peter Chabot-WI, 14th Ben Taber BR, 19th Gage Thibodeau HO  Girls SL 16th-Anya Elizondo HV

Boys GS - 20th Gage Thibodeau HO

Boys Skills - 5th Gage Thibodeau

U16 Eastern Championships

SG#1 - Men 8th Aidan Cohane, 13th Victor Wiacek WI Women-1st Cecily Decker WF, 4th Trixie Lever WF 

SG#2 - Men 8th Aidan Cohane WI Women-1st Trixie Lever WF, Cecily Decker WF, 10th Julia Smith WI

 GS - Men 6th Aidan Cohane WI Women 1st Cecily Decker WF, 4th Trixie Lever WF

SL - Men 4th Aidan Cohane WI Women 2nd Cecily Decker WF, 4th Trixie Lever WF

U16 Finals

SG -  Women 9th Olivia Reynolds WF 

GS - Women 8th Olivia Reynolds WF

SL - Women 8th Danielle Mason, 10th Chloe Richards HO

U16 AmCan

SG - Women 1st Trixie Leaver WF

GS - Women 3rd Trixie Leaver WF

SL - Men 5th Aiden Cohane WI

• Trixie Lever, NYSEF U16 athlete and Canadian Citizen at Whistler Cup 

Trixie  was 4th at Whistler Cup SG - .2 off the lead and .01 off the podium behind a Austrian and 2 Norwegians. She earned a 4th place in SG also. We're all proud of you Trixie.

• NYSSRA Election of Officers

Pursuant to the NYSSRA By-Laws, candidates interested in any of the
  following positions should submit nominations to Wayne Feinberg, Chairman of
the NYSSRA Nominating Committee c/o topbroker@roadrunner.com Nominations
 will also be accepted from the floor at the spring meeting Sunday May 4,
2014 at Labrador Mt.

With the exception of the Athlete Representative, which after a proposed
  bylaw update will be a 3 year term, all terms are two years.  The board
positions and current officers are reflected below:

President Chuck Schweitzer

1st VP Jason Barcoff

2nd VP Maren Hosmer

Secretary  Kathy Chase

Treasurer Mike Nenno

Athlete Representative  Travis Widger

Although all above positions are up for a vote from the membership, the
current President automatically moves to the non-elected Immediate Past
President Board position and the 1st and 2nd VP's typically move up to
become President and 1st VP.

Also up for vote assuming proposed updated bylaws are adopted:

Alpine Officials Chairman Michael Browne
 Coaches Education Chairman Steve Mergethaler

• Congratulations to Cecily Decker - Cecily blazed into 1st place at  the U16 National Champs GS in Park City by close to 3 seconds. In addition she was 4th in SL.

• FIS & USSA Leaders Retire - Please find this interesting article below:


• One more from EdieSpring Training  by Edie 

Spring Training 70's style. Sunscreen required. Bandanas optional.

Ski areas have a marketing saying that gets trotted out in springtime: "Ski season isn't over--it's just warming up." It's a plea to weekend skiers that it is not yet time to abandon their skis for golf clubs. Coaches make the same plea to ski racers, but with a higher purpose in mind than amortizing operating costs. Now that all the qualifying races are done, the stress levels have returned to normal, athletes are at the peak of their form and snow and weather conditions are the best they've been all year, this is the ideal time to bank high quality miles.

And yet, as soon as "championships" are over, many kids and parents flip the switch into spring sports even though the fields are still buried in snow. I love that kids are picking up their baseball mitts and lacrosse sticks, and I totally understand and respect the need to mix it up after a long winter. But I urge you, young ski racers and your keepers, not to check out of skiing right now. Consider all the time invested in getting to this point, to the peak of your abilities, and capitalize on that strong foundation now that the going is easy. Skill development, especially at a young age is all about volume and repetition, and, most importantly, fun. In springtime it's all here for the taking.

Some of the very best memories (and pictures) from my entire ski racing career-from way before I knew it would become a career-are of spring skiing and racing. When people ask what made me a successful ski racer, it's not that complicated. I skied a lot. In fact, I'd credit most of my early success to just plain miles. I didn't go to a summer camp until I was 15, but our entire family skied through Memorial Day every year, making a trip to Mammoth for that last, sunny, chapped-lipped long weekend. We could ride spring like that every year in the west. We can ride it this year in the east. When you have the opportunity, take it.  

Carve Diem! If you still need more convincing here's my pitch:

Conditions are at their best: Remember those early December days when we paid full-pop to ski on a white ribbon of death that felt like gravel on concrete, and waited in huge lines for the privilege? Yeah so do I. How about the scramble to get a few runs of training before a black January night swallowed our meager daylight? And let's not forget training in the gale force winds and freezing rain. Flash forward to spring skiing with your pick of ballroom-smooth empty slopes, miles of mushy bumps and acres of trees to explore. If we made it through all that, don't we deserve some of this?

Skiers are at their best: There is a good reason World Cup skiers test new gear right at the end of the season. Like them, that's when your technique is solid, your equipment is dialed in and you still have your training momentum. All the lessons of the season are fresh yet the pressure of performing at the big races is off. This gives you the freedom to relax and train, as well as race in some of the best races of the year. Which brings us to...

Awesome Races:

Springtime is for "Point Bonanzas," laid back races where college and even World Cup racers traditionally make guest appearances, stacking the field and generating huge opportunities for younger racers. It's not all about the points of course-just watching the big guns in action is itself worth the entry fee. And the races are just plain fun! All the spiritual wounds of the season are healed, and it's back to the elemental joy of skiing and straight up competition.

It's Free! This is the best and perhaps most overlooked part of the deal. Right about now parents are eagerly making arrangements for summer camps that cost, at a minimum, $200/ day, before airfare. And yet, they potentially give away a solid three weeks of prime training that requires minimal or no travel and is absolutely free. Athletes can rebuild their technique or take on an entirely new level of skills by running through a training block much like they do in the early season, and do so with the benefit of a full mountain's worth of terrain.

And furthermore...Summer training is great, and essential at a certain point, but it can't replace spring skiing. Boots respond differently in summer temperatures, and salted summer snow just isn't the same as winter or spring snow. Plus, the terrain in spring skiing, with trees, steeps, stupid-big air and giant mushy bumps far surpasses anything you can build into summer skiing. Just today we trained a 175 gate slalom, simply because we could, and I am quite sure there will be many spontaneous Big Airs and Chinese Downhills in the coming weeks. Does it all count as "Deliberate Practice?" Probably not. Will it contribute towards unintentional progress? Absolutely and inevitably.

So please, if you want to get the most of all your hard work this year, stay out there and soak up the good stuff. You're not done yet-you're just warming up.

• Andrew Weibrecht is Coming to Snow Ridge  

Ski with Two Time Medalist Andrew Weibrecht at Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin NY on April 19,2014 from 2-4. $10.00 lift tickets. Season pass holders will be honored.
Attend a Meet & Greet in Wax House from 4-5 and a buffet dinner at 5:30 featuring Roast Beef& Gravy and Turkey and & dressing. Adult dinner tickets will be $22.50-children 12 & under $14.25.
Advance tickets available until April 14th by reservation only. Space is limited. For tickets contact Judy Sweeney at Snow Ridge 315-348-8456 or Jean Demko at 315-376-3215.

• NYSSRA 2014 Annual Spring Meeting - Please join us for the meeting on Sunday May 4th at 10 am - Labrador Mtn Lodge. It includes an informational working session and our our bi-annual voting process. 

• NYSSRA/VT U14 Invitational Team Dual Results - See on NYSSRA site in News, bullet #1

• From Spencer Montgomery, West Mtn  

We have consummated a deal with David Wenn to head up, run, coach, augment and build the WMR race program.
Many of you may already know of David but for those of you who are not familiar here is a brief bio.  David's reputation is impeccable and precedes him as one of the foremost individuals in the Ski Racing Arena. 
  •  Woman's U16 Alpine Ski Racing coach Vail Ski and Snow Board Club, Vail Colorado, for the previous two years and currently active.
  •  Founder and Head of School of the National Sports Academy "NSA" (previously Mountain House School) in Lake Placid, NY.  David held this position for 35 years. NSA is a private Winter Sports, Boarding and Day School that acclaims National and Global status in the Ski Racing and Winter Sports arena.
  •  Level 300 USSA certified ski coach.
  •  Level 3 PSIA Examiner (25 years)
  •  David will be heading up the WMR program on a year round basis and will be actively offering coaching and training on snow as well as off and looks to offer coaching and training throughout the year, for those who want it, at venues around the country and potentially the globe.

• Please review blog  posted on USSA.org - authored by Luke Bodensteiner   http://ussa.org/blog/athletics/2013/10/24/can-new-member-structure-facilitate-organizational-growth

* Helpful Informational Pieces -
USSA (National):

2) NEW NYSSRA ruling: U16’s participating in ALL scored SG events MUST compete on skis that comply with the 2012/2013 FIS U16 (K2) SG specifications.  

For those of you who don't know, the FIS K2 rules for SG are (http://www.fis-ski.com/data/document/competition-equipment_1213_aug12.pdf):
Length:  175
Radius: 27m

USSA Age Change initiative is below. Please take a minute to orient yourself prior to filling out our Membership Form - available now at Active.com. See blue button above.

  • U10 - 2004 or later
  • U12 - 2002, 2003
  • U14 - 2000, 2001
  • U16 - 1998 1999
  • U18 - 1996, 1997
  • U21 - 1993, 1994, 1995

USSA Membership Categories for '13-'14  

Competitor $150 - Required for all U16 (YOB 1998 and older) and above that wish to have USSA points.

Non-Scored Student $100 - Available for all U16 (YOB 1998 and older)and above that do not wish to have USSA points.

Youth $80 - For all U14 (YOB 2000 and younger) and below.  The Eastern region will not have any U14 scored events so there is no need for any U14 and below athletes to join with Competitor licenses.

A USSA competitor membership and membership in one state racing organization are required for all levels of scored racing in the Eastern Region.

Participation in qualifying events leading to regional championships events requires a valid USSA “Competitor” or “Youth” membership depending upon the age group.

• For RA's - Race Fees for '14 Season - If you are holding a race during the '13-'14 season this information is for you. 

  • USSA Scored - $10/start/race
  • USSA East Scored  - $5/start/race
  • U16 Cup, Open and Council Races - $2/start/race
  • U18 ECS, Open, Champs - $2/start/race
  • Kandahars - $3/start/race

NYSSRA Boot Fitting Project from Hope Alive Media on Vimeo.
Please watch NYSSRA’s junior boot fitting video before you head to the ski shop for new or used junior ski racing boots!
FINALLY, learn about the best boot fitting process for your racer.