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Notes From the Program Director

29 Nov 2016

Welcome to the new look of the NYSSRA Web Site.  We've made many changes to this site to make it more mobile friendly which will enable you to use this site easier with your tablet or mobile device.

The 2016-17 NYSSRA Comp Guide is ready.  Click Here to view

Important Fall Dates to remember

Oct. 15  Membership Deadline.  Late fees apply after this date.

NYSSRA will be using AdminSkiRacing for online race registration again this year.
CLICK HERE for information on how to use AdminSkiRacing.com






Link to USSA COE TV on USSA YouTube Channel | 17 Nov 2016

USSA/NYSSRA Race Results Document Packets INFO | 15 Nov 2016

NYSSRA Head Tax Form 2016-17 | 15 Nov 2016
Race Adminstrators 

USSA/NYSSRA Race Result Document Packet INFO | 15 Nov 2016
Race Adminstrators 

NYSSRA Quota entry request for FIS Development and Open Races | 10 Nov 2016
This year NYSSRA has a state quota for entry to FIS Development and FIS Open Races.  Our quota is 5 for each Development Race and 2 for Open Races (If Men and Women compete on the same day in FIS Open races the NYSSRA quota is one per gender) THESE SP…

Racer Support Policy 2016-17 | 7 Nov 2016
U16 & Older U14 & Younger 

New USSA Gate Judges Video (2016) Streaming via Vimeo | 1 Nov 2016
Officials Coaches 

New USSA Gate Judge Video (Link to Download Full Video) WARNING: This is a huge file and will take over an hour to download | 1 Nov 2016
Officials Coaches 

Link to USSA Coaches Continuing Education page on ussa.org | 1 Nov 2016

2016-17 Course Setting Specs for U16 and Younger | 27 Oct 2016